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The R2R Flatbed Screen Press not only stands out because of its small footprint, it also incorporates a host of standard features and innovative options unparalleled in the market. We have designed a safe user environment where the operator can accurately setup and produce work from the start.


The modular concept enables us to incorporate bespoke and future options without the need for a total re-design. By choosing the Line-Splitting and In-Feed options, you can easily use your multicolour line to print multiple jobs simultaneously, putting your production needs first.


R2R Print Unit Features

Key Features

  • Screen frame holder with pneumatic clamps for quick and easy job changes.
  • Unique substrate transport system to prevent scratching and component wear.
  • Friendly icon-based user interface.
  • In-Feed and Out-Feed modular arrangements.
  • Unique Print Head movement.
  • X and Y Laser Units for screen image alignment


Modular Arrangement Options

  • In-Feed mandrel.
  • Pull Feed Drum or Nip Roller arrangements.
  • Web Cleaner.
  • Anti-Static.
  • Line-Splitting unit.
  • UV arrangement on Out-Feed side.


Standard Features

  • Automatic and manual Ink Collection feature whereby ink is collected outside the print area without operator involvement.
  • Electronically controlled Off-Contact and Peel.
  • Flood Jump adjustable height - where the screen is lifted away from the substrate during flood coating.
  • Unique air cushion floating system - to protect delicate substrates from scratches.
  • Standard electronic controls for all moving and pneumatic components.
  • Remote diagnostics.
  • Quick detachable squeegee and flood-blades.
  • Hole Punch X-registration system.



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