A full scalable drying option with separated gas or electric heating plants. The modular design enables us to build your perfect drying system that can incorporate a chilling section, UV and/or IR within your Hot Air dryer.


Vacuum boxes are fitted within the dryer to ensure the easy use of thin films, ensuring consistent and accurate tracking throughout the dryer. Temperature set-point range from ambient to 180°C (266°F). Each dryer has independent speed controls to match your printing conditions.  The rest of the printing line automatically adjusts speed to the dryer. The standard drying length through the dryer is 10m and extra sections can be added to increase drying capacity. Air flow is cascaded and configurable through the dryer to save on heating requirements. The dryer has a fully insulated skin to minimise heat loss to the surrounding atmosphere.


R2R Drying Unit Features

Key Features

  • Modular - Up to 10 tower sections, all in one space saving contained unit.
  • PID temperature control.
  • External Heating Source.
  • IR and UV ready.


Modular Arrangement Options

  • Anti-Static.
  • Line-Splitting unit.
  • UV arrangement on In-Feed side.
  • Chilling section can be provided to reduce the heat retained by the material.


Standard Features

  • Vacuum Box tension units.
  • Icon-based user interface that fully controls all aspects of the dryer.

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